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    Post  FrogressBlog on Fri Nov 21, 2008 8:55 am

    Hey Froggies!

    I got great news for every froggie in the froggie kingdom! Frogress is growing in a great way! Most new members become upgraded as soon as they sign up. Frogress is also moving up quite well. Incoming upgrades are higher every new day which is very good right now.

    A Frogress member created a forum and a blog for our froggie kingdom! His name is Surfbhoy from MoneyMakerGroup forum. Froggie thanks him for helping frogress grow and the websites to help members in several ways. Thanks SurfBhoy!

    Visit the blog here , the blog has a chatterbox too, so check it often. I also post there as JakeTheFrog.

    The forum is located at . It is a free forum but it will be a good resource for information for froggie members. Consider it a new home for those who want to hang out at the froggie forum.

    Frogress is really getting a lot of attention the past days. Today it was DDOS attacked for some hours that cause the website to perform slowly but it was still up. Good thing did a good job in protecting Frogress from DDOS attacks. It really was very convenient and worry free. Froggie thanks for the great service.

    Now about the exchange service. Remember to pay using the PENDING link in your order details in your members area. After doing so Click the Inform link to put the batch number then so I can identify those who transferred the funds from those which did not so I can process them

    Also now about the cashouts. I get so many emails asking why they cannot cashout their expired upgrades earnings. Well you see you do not need to request cashout for your earnings because they automatically get cashed out once your upgrade is fully expired. They do not expire exactly after you finish surfing for the 12th day. They expire at 00:00hrs after the 12th day you surf and then will be put to pending after you login on the 13th day. If you can login at 00:01hrs on the next day then sure do it so it goes to pending fast LOL! Now seriously please do not ask why you cannot cashout expired upgrades, they will automatically be cashed out for you. You can only cashout commissions.

    Another reminder about cashouts. Please please, froggie asks you all to not email me to ask why your cashout is not yet processed in 5minutes!!! Come on please be considerate. 5 minutes is not even a long time or even 1 hour. LOL!

    Ok that would be all for today. Keep supporting the froggie. And please please Vote and rate at the monitors . Click that link and vote on the monitors .

    Ok have a wonderful time at the froggie kingdom!

    *Ribbit* *Ribbit* *Ribbit*

    ~ Jake The Frog of ~

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