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    General Rules

    1. Do not use offensive language or personal attack another member. We welcome our members to discuss but do not turn it into a flame war.
    2. Do not send spam via private messaging, if reported, your account will be banned.
    3. Please post constructive comments that contribute to the community.
    4. Do not post personal details about your account in the forum. Use only the contact form for this.
    5. Do not post the same thread in multiple sections, post in the one you think is the most suitable.
    6. Do not engage in any currency exchange activities in other parts of the forum or via PM. You can do so in the Frogress Website.
    7. You are only allowed to advertise your site in your signature and in the appropriate forums.
    8. Links in your signature can be up to 3 lines of text.
    9. Frogress is an international forum, please use English Language only.

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